Tips & Tricks


  • You don’t need to sort your bottle and cans
  • If you do want to count, sort and tag - it will save you time at the depot!
  • When gathering containers into plastic bags, please tie all four corners
  • OK to crush cans
  • Separate glass from plastic
  • Make the bag light
  • If you have a large load we can help! Ask for an attendant.


  • Don’t make the bag too heavy. They tend to get dragged, and then they break when they are lifted up.
  • Not all containers have deposits (such as for soap, oil or vinegar). Recycle those containers with your city recycling program.

Running short on time?

Did you know you can drop off your containers to us and we can count and sort them during our less busy times.

What We Refund

Save time, and find out exactly which beverage containers are eligible for a refund.