West Edmonton Bottle Depot

West Edmonton Bottle Depot, (formerly Centennial Bottle Depot) serves the deposit refunding needs of the Edmonton area. We have great staff and provide excellent service. West Edmonton bottle depot provides a clean environment, and fast and honest service.

Members of:

Alberta Bottle Depot Association

Licensed by:

Beverage Container Management Board

We sort the bottles by materials and ship it to Alberta Beverage Container Recycing Corporation for further processing.

west end bottle depot
West Edmonton Bottle Depot

What People Are Saying!

"One of the honest depots. They actually count the bottles correctly. They are fast and efficient. It's the only place we take our bottles now."
— Annie Lyons
"This is the best bottle depot in Edmonton. The people who work there are very friendly, fast, efficient and work very hard. The bottle depot is very clean."
— Linda Mcdonald
"Clean and professional. They even have a tv to watch while you wait in line. Definitely didn't leave with a bad taste in my mouth like I do when I go to some of the other crook recycling depots around the city!"
— Patrick Nguyen

Running short on time?

Did you know you can drop off your containers to us and we can count and sort them during our less busy times.

What We Refund

Save time, and find out exactly which beverage containers are eligible for a refund.